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I discuss the perils of being dark skin and in trouble with the law...a la - Mike Vick.

More rules for getting ahead at work if your Black!


Again...Mick Vick, but I discuss the protesters and what nonsense that is. I have a term coined 'some brothers aren't too bright'. That is applied to Plaxico Burress. Discussion of his situation too - in true Mongo Slade form.


Continued discussion of Professor Gates. Mongo breaks it down to brass tacks - he tells you how blacks are really viewed.

Mongo also discusses how blacks are put into uncomfortable situations. You ever been the one black guy at lunch with a few white co-workers...


Mongo created a list of things that Black folks can do to get ahead at work.

As a Black person you have to figure which box you fit into so that white folks feel comfortable with you at the work place. Are you the jolly negro at work or maybe the sassy sister. Which are you?

Told you I'd be back with entertaining, offensive, bizarre podcasts. Just as I promised...my take on the Steve Mcnair murder. Somehow I tangent off that there are more BLACKER people in jail. Don't ask - just listen.

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Back from a long hiatus!! Mongo is back permanently and will be podcasting daily.

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Today this show is a tribute to Michael Jackson and the influence one man had over culture. You guys really don't remember how big MJ was back in the 80's. I'll remind you. I also narrate the video Beat It for your further understanding.


Mongo read Ebony's top 25 coolest Black men of all time list. I didn't agree, so I made my own. You'll never guess who's on it...let alone heard of these little known celebrities.

Take a listen for my version of Black History.


Mongo starts the show off with a prayer for all you black painters, black roto router guys, black cable installers, and black pizza delivery guys for a safe passage in a white neighborhood from trigger happy red-necks.

You know what this show is about.


How can a fat white cop catch a young black dude in an urban foot chase. You'll soon find out...Mongo dispels the myth that all Black people can run fast. Jesse Jackson and the real reason for his comments about Obama...highly controversial.


This week check out Mongo Slade and his self declaration of greatness and why you should be listening to this podcast.The etiquette of eating shit, being employed while black, how theNBA players got dissed, walking on fighter jets and how that relates to the A-Team, and the Jig Effect. Also Tom Brady and his tryst and what you can learn from the movie Higher Learning.


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